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The new electronic sign - which became fully activated (24/7) in late December 2011 - will continue to provide a means of communication to residents in Northern Tuscarawas County, Ohio, as well as visitors to the area. 

Electronic Sign Guidelines

 This procedure outlines the criteria for allowed messages and the process for organizations to submit requests and schedule messages to be displayed on the CBA Electronic Sign located on Route 212 in Bolivar, Ohio.


Non-profits list events free1. The electronic sign will display all community news-related non-profit items at no charge, or public service events that do not derive a monetary profit for any organization or group(s) – per the request of the individual and/or organization - regarding community activities, festivals, school functions and other areas of general interest in the Northern Tuscarawas Community. Paid advertisement is available “for profit” businesses by following the price schedule.

It is preferred that ALL news related items be received at least ten (10) business days before the scheduled event for adequate advertising.  Please note that news related items must be received prior to Sunday of each week at which time the electronic sign is updated.  All messages will be visible from both sides of the sign.

All CBA members will be highlighted the first week of each month, and additional paid advertisement “for profit” businesses will follow the price schedule as indicated below.  Paid advertisement must submit the Electronic Message Sign Request Form in this document. 


No charge       All non-profit community events          One week duration

Time Frame Exception: Two week duration

Bolivar Strawberry Festival    

Zoar Harvest Festival 

Christmas on the Canal

Christmas in Zoar                                           

No charge       CBA member listing                            First week of each month

  • $15.00             Birthday/Anniversary/Thank you        One week duration
  • $25.00             CBA member advertising                    Two week duration
  • $75.00             Non-member advertising                     Two week duration

2. The CBA offers no guarantee to the appearance of any message on the electronic sign.

3.  Appearance of messages is subject to constraints of electronic and mechanical limitations of the electronic sign.

4.  Organization making the request is responsible for contacting the CBA should the event be cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.   

5.  Messages or displays are to provide notice of a local event that provides a significant benefit to Northern Tuscarawas County, including but not limited to an economic benefit to the community as a result of holding the event.

6. It is not the intent of the CBA to create or permit a forum for displays that are primarily for the purpose of advocating particular political and/or candidate(s) for office, religious or other points of view - such as ballot issues, school levy campaigns, township levies, etc.  

7. No message or display shall be allowed that, in the opinion of the CBA, contains any offensive material.

8. Any message or display that does not specifically pertain to a local event will be reviewed by the CBA Sign Committee. The CBA has the discretion to approve or deny the request. If it is determined by the CBA Sign Committee not to be in the best interest of the Community, or that the CBA Sign Committee believes would jeopardize the ability of the CBA to allow messages or displays in the future, the request may be denied.


Messages NOT Permitted

  • Promotion of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Promotion of candidates in any election is prohibited.
  • Promotion of political or religious viewpoints, ballot issues, school levy campaigns or township levies is prohibited.
  • False, misleading, or deceptive messages are prohibited.
  • Promotion of commercial goods or services – other than paid advertisement regarding such - is prohibited.
  • Garage sales or private sales of goods or services are prohibited.




Please print and mail to Community Business Association of Northern Tuscarawas County

PO Box 362, Bolivar, OH 44612


ORGANIZATION:     ________________________________________________

ADDRESS:              ________________________________________________

PHONE:                 ________________________________________________

CONTACT:              ________________________________________________

DATE MESSAGE TO START:         ________________________________

DATE MESSAGE TO END:            ________________________________





DATE FEE PAID: ________________________________

CHECK:_____________CASH:______________MONEY ORDER:____________

SIGNATURE:______________________________    DATE:______________

                              Organization Representative

SIGNATURE:______________________________    DATE:______________

                                     CBA Representative


You may also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.

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